Aims and Scope

The Contrarian: Finance, Accounting, and Business Research (CFABR) is a double peer-reviewed journal. The CFABR welcomes academicians, researchers, and practitioners to submit articles in the field of science which relevant to the journal's requirements. Articles submitted must have a good scientific contribution to the development of the field of science and meet the needs of stakeholders. Stakeholders as the target audience of CFABR are also academicians, researchers, practitioners, and other users who use the results of studies for the benefit of decision-making and policy formulation. The authors kindly pay attention to the focus and scope of the journal as follows.

Aims of CFABR

  • Finance studies
  • Accounting studies
  • Business studies

Scope of CFABR

  • Financial accounting
  • General business management
  • Financial management
  • Corporate finance
  • Investment portfolio
  • Auditing (in accounting)
  • Taxation